Courses focused on Social Justice and Social Inequality

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020

Courses focused on social justice and social inequality:

Policing and Militarization Today (ANT 223)

Race, Gender, Empire (ANT 419)

Race and Medicine (ANT 403)

Disability, Difference, and Race (ANT 461)

Catastrophes across Cultures: The Anthropology of Disaster (ANT 219)

Critical Race Theory (ANT 503)

Gangsters and Troublesome Populations (ANT 363)

Debt (ANT 225)

Native American and Indigenous Studies (ANT 246)

Language, Identity, Power (ANT 326)

Queer Becomings (ANT 337)

Religion, Politics, and Power in Africa and the Diaspora (ANT 384)

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