Celebrating Rena Lederman’s Scholarly Work and Teaching

Nov. 23, 2022

Professor Rena Lederman is one of the most distinguished feminist anthropologists of her generation and, last week, a wonderful group of colleagues and former students gathered to celebrate her lasting contributions to social theory and her deep commitment to teaching at the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association in Seattle, Washington.

Organized by Claire Nicholas (U Oklahoma) and Talia Dan-Cohen (WU St. Louis), the session “Disciplinary Relatives and Relativities” tackled Lederman’s seminal contributions to the study of relationality, gender, and ethics and to the anthropology of knowledge practices. Panelists included her long-time interlocutors Nancy Lutkehaus (USC) and Donald Brenneis (UC Santa Cruz), Elizabeth Davis (Princeton), Graham Jones (MIT), Jamie Sherman, and Jessica Moreau, whom Lederman advised and are now working respectively at Atlassian and Meta.