Celebrating the Excellence of Anthropology Class of 2024

June 14, 2024

Congratulations to the seniors in the Anthropology Class of 2024 for their hard, socially meaningful, and creative works and for all their accomplishments!

During Class Day on May 27, 2024, we honored our majors for their Independent Work excellence and acknowledged the multiple recognitions they received across the University. 

While continuing to honor the Department’s overall finest thesis, this year we also awarded prizes in all our three tracks: Medical Anthropology; Law, Politics, and Economics; and Sociocultural Anthropology.

Prizes in Anthropology

Best Senior Thesis in Anthropology

Angel Jose Salcedo (AJ) | “The Rosebush that Grew from Concrete: An Ethnography of Found Family and Queer Kindship in New York City Ballroom Culture” (advised by Beth Semel).

Kennedy Walls | “Plea for Life: An Ethnography of Migrant Health and Militant Humanitarianism Under the Dublin III Regulation” (advised by Onur Günay).

              Co-winner, 2023-2024 University Center for Human Values Senior Thesis Prize

              Co-winner, 2023 -2024 Beth N. Rom-Rymer, Class of 1973, Senior Thesis Prize in Global Health and Health Policy


Honorable Mention for Best Senior Thesis in Anthropology

Jasmine Minerva Rivers | “An Autoethnography of ‘both/and. . .’: Transcending Dichotomy Through Mutiraciality and Dance” (advised by Agustín Fuentes).

              Princeton Alumni Corps Project 55 Fellowship

Alison Renee Parish | “Making Universality A Reality: Reimagining Medicine with the Integration of West African Immigrants in Paris, France” (advised by Jeff Himpele).

              2024 ReachOut 56-81-06 International Fellowship for Public Service

             John H. Pace, Jr. ’39 Center for Civic Engagement’s 2023 A. James Fischer Jr. ’36 Memorial Award


Best Senior Thesis in Medical Anthropology

Aisha F. Chebbi | “Inoculating Belief: Tracing Vaccine Hesitancy and Decision-Making in Muslim America” (advised by Carolyn Rouse).

             Honorable Mention, 2023-2024 Beth N. Rom-Rymer, Class of 1973, Senior Thesis Prize in Global Health and Health Policy

             Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Finalist, Female Scholar of the Year

Antea Garo | “From the Soul: The Women of Dropull, Lamentation, and Coping with Grief and Loss” (advised by Rena Lederman).


Best Senior Thesis in Law, Politics, Economics

 Harlowe Brumett-Dunn | “Unveiling Environmental Warfare: Carbon Capture, Racial Injustice and Artistic Resistance” (advised by Onur Günay).

             Winner, Environmental Studies Book Prize in Environmental Social Sciences from the Department of Environmental Studies.

             Georgina and Charlotte Bloomberg Public Service Fellowship

Genrietta Churbanova | “Taiwan's Russians: An Ethnographic Exploration of the Island's Russian Diaspora” (advised by Serguei Oushakine).


Best Senior Thesis in Sociocultural Anthropology 

Autumn Shelton | “Take Me Home, Ozark Roads: A Retrospective on Rural Missouri-Arkansas Festival Culture” (advised by Beth Semel).

                2024 Alaskan Fellows Program

Meredith Gallagher | “Living in the Dead Zone: Space, Mobility, and the (Non)Integration of Asylum Seekers in Cyprus” (advised by Serguei     Oushakine).


Prizes in Other Departments & Honors

Program in Community Engaged Scholarship’s (ProCES) Dean Hank Dobin Prize in Community-Engaged Independent Work

Amy Adaeze Aririguzoh | “Multigenerational Poisoning: Apprehending Lead Exposure in East Trenton, New Jersey” (advised by Ryo Morimoto). 

(left) Tania Boster, Director, Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship (ProCES)



Department of Anthropology Honors List

 Highest Honors:  Aisha F. Chebbi, Genrietta Churbanova, Meredith Gallagher, Antea Garo, Jasmine Minerva Rivers, Angel Jose Salcedo,      Autumn Shelton, Kennedy Walls

 High Honors:  Travis Kanoa Chai Andrade, Harlowe Brumett-Dunn, Cherry Wei Ge, Mei Cecilia Geller, Clara Jane McNatt, Allison Rose Peart,    Ana Palacios, Audrey Royall

 Honors: Kaleb Boyd, Kaitlyn Chen, Carrington F. Elcan, Alison Renee Parish, Julia Stahlman, Jalen Travis


Phi Beta Kappa

     Genrietta Churbanova, Meredith Gallagher, Jasmine Minerva Rivers, Autumn Shelton

Princeton University’s Class of 2024 Valedictorian

     Genrietta Churbanova 

Schwarzman Scholar 2024

     Genrietta Churbanova

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship

      Aisha Chebbi, Germany

      Meredith Gallagher, Spain

      Ana Palacios, Spain

André Maman Senior Thesis Prize Winner

      Kennedy Walls 

High Meadows Fellowship through the Pace Center for Civic Engagement 

       Kaila Avent

2024 ReachOut 56-81-06 Domestic Fellowship for Public Service

       Travis Kanoa Chai Andrade

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

        Destiny Allen

        Travis Kanoa Chai Andrade

Athletic Honors                      

Kaitlyn Chen

      2024 C. Otto von Kienbusch Award, presented annually to a Princeton senior woman of high scholastic rank who has demonstrated general proficiency in athletics and the qualities of a true sportswoman. 

Jalen Travis      

     2024 Truman Scholarship to attend law school and pursue a career in public service. 

     The Art Lane ‘34 Award is presented annually to undergraduate student-athletes in recognition of selfless contribution to sport and society.


Department of Anthropology Faculty Honors

The Department also honors Professor Rena Lederman and Lecturer Sebastián Ramírez for their service and contributions to the Anthropology community. 

Rena Lederman will transition to emerita status on July 1, 2024, after four decades of deeply generative scholarly work and intense pedagogical dedication to Princeton University. During her career in the Department of Anthropology, Rena has developed a powerful body of work on gender, exchange, and agency, as well as the anthropology of expertise and ethics. 

Sebastián Ramírez will begin a new role at Princeton University as the Director of Service Focus at the Pace Center for Civic Engagement. This university program connects service and learning for students during their sophomore year.

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