Anthropology seniors honored for interdisciplinary achievements

May 25, 2021

Congratulations to all our seniors for their hard work and great accomplishments! Below is a list of interdisciplinary prizes and awards given to Anthropology seniors. Well done class of 2021!

Senior Thesis Prize in Anthropology:
The prize determination process began with nominations by thesis advisors and second readers. The nominated theses were then read and evaluated by a committee of Anthropology graduate students that made recommendations to the final committee of three Anthropology faculty members. 
Ysabel Ayala, thesis title, “Movements Toward Decolonization: Considering Dance as Communicative Practice for Pilipinx-Americans in the Bay Area”
Anika Nishat, thesis title, “Cooking the Home: An Ethnographic Account of Home Cooking in a Bangladeshi Diaspora”

Honorable Mention:
Mary DeVellis, thesis title, “Born in an Unsocial World: An Ethnographic Exploration of American Pregnancy Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic”
Akash Kushwaha, thesis title, “Virtualizing Violence: Playing with Power in Multiplayer Online Games (MOGs)”
Ailee Mendoza, thesis title, “Reflections on a Twilight World: Ethnographic Imagination in the Movies and Marvels of Christopher Nolan”
Angelika Morris, thesis title, “Surviving the Cesarean: An Analysis of the Clinical Decision Making Culture in Obstetrics & Gynecology”

Two students awarded Princeton’s top honor, Phi Beta Kappa, Mary DeVellis and Akash Kushwaha

The Program in American Studies Princeton Prize in Race Relations Senior Thesis Prize: co-winner Ashley Nurse: thesis title: “The Veil: The Silent Lynching of the Black Woman” 
Awarded annually to a member of the senior class, irrespective of academic concentration, whose senior thesis adds significantly to understanding of issues of race and race relations in the United States, broadly defined.

The Program in American Studies Willard Thorp Thesis Prize: Glenna Galarion, thesis title, “‘Honor’: Rapping and Representing Asian America”
Awarded to the senior in the program who prepares the most outstanding thesis of a clearly interdisciplinary nature.

Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies Suzanne M. Huffman Memorial Senior Thesis Prize in Women’s Studies: Glenna Galarion, thesis title, “‘Honor’: Rapping and Representing Asian America”
Awarded to a senior whose thesis shows a deep commitment to the dilemmas raised by feminism and an extraordinary empathy for the problems and struggles of women.

Global Health Program Senior Thesis Prize: Honorable Mention: Toyosi Oluwole, thesis title, “The Label: Forging Meanings of a Rare Genetic Diagnosis” and Kiersten Rasberry, thesis title, “More than a sweet tooth: Exploring the role of the built environment in the South Side of Chicago diabetes epidemic”
Awarded in recognition of the most outstanding thesis written by a student earning a GHP certificate. 

Center for Digital Humanities 2021 Senior Thesis Prize: co-winner: Lauren McGrath, thesis title, “The Side Unseen: Ethnographic Data Visualization as a Methodology to Visualize the Health Impacts of Structural Violence in Urban Philadelphia Communities”
Lauren’s thesis best exemplified a critical scholarly approach to humanities data and did so through a medium specially constructed for digital engagement with “data” as a concept.

Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship Dean Hank Dobin Prize in Community-Engaged Independent Work: Lauren McGrath
Awarded to a student whose outstanding thesis best engages a community audience, whether through extensive research, policy recommendations, or new information and analysis. 

Lewis Center for the Arts Award: Action Based Community Engagement Award: Glenna Galarion
Awarded to the student or students whose contributions to the Lewis Center embody a commitment to “interrogating that which is accepted or understood in an attempt to break into the territory of the unknown or under-explored.” 

Lewis Center for the Arts Award: Joyce Carol Oates Award: Hamzah Hashem
The prize is awarded annually to a promising young fiction writer or, in exceptional circumstances, a poet.

Lewis Center for the Arts Award: Francis LeMoyne Page ’22 Dance Award: Ysabel Ayala and Sophie Blue
Awarded annually to one or more members of the junior or senior class to honor distinctive achievement in dance. 

Lewis Center for the Arts Award: Sustained Community Achievement Award: Sophie Blue
This award deeply thanks those seniors who have consistently invested in and generously supported the dance program community for four years. Criteria is based on supporting the community through dancing in other students theses, collaborating in other student led program work, service to the community as Student Advisors, giving time to the Program in Dance or Lewis Center for the Arts through speaking, representing, advising service, and community actions that extend dance opportunities beyond the Princeton community.

Lewis Center for the Arts Award: Outstanding Contribution to Theater Award: Haydon John and Akash Kushwaha
The criteria for this award is excellence in creative contributions to the Program in Theater season and to course work, measured over the course of the student’s time as a certificate student.

Lewis Center for the Arts Award: Outstanding Work by a Senior Awards: Glena Galarion, Haydon John, and Akash Kushwaha
This award was created to honor an outstanding senior for a distinctive achievement in Creative Writing, Dance and Theater.