JP Titles 2019-2020

In 2019-2020, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles.  

Improvising Bodies:  A Discussion of the Anthropology of Dance, Embodied Culture, and Improvisation

The Impact of Arts Funding Structures and Labor Economics on the Modern Dance Artist: The Challenges of Operating Simultaneously within a Neoliberal and Gift Economy

Messing With Tradition: The Effect of Rural-To-Urban Migration on Kinship Relations in Rural Chinese Families

Triggering Addiction; Understanding Casino designs through Anthropology of Addiction

Scars of Significance: An exploration of cancer amputation in Botswana and the United States

The Reverberations of War: Trauma, Collective Memory, and Narratives of Nationhood in the Case of Kosovo

“Don’t Fight the Feeling Cause I’m Yellow”: Asian American Identity in Hip-Hop

Of All Things Emancipatory and Repressive: Ethnographic Depictions of Rational Reproduction in Mexico

The Influence of Male Identities and Sexuality in HIV Prevention Strategies During the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Bolivia

Muxes in Juchitan: Questioning Acceptance and Belonging

“No Body, No Crime” or “No Person, No Crime?” Personhood in Forensic Anthropology

The Evolution of HIV/AIDS Discourse: Stigma, Signification, and Metaphor

The Fourth Wave: An Exploration of the Coffee Industry and How Ethical Consumerism is Influencing Coffee’s Next Big Change

Choosing a Place to Die: The Implications of Spatial Displacement on Exacerbation of Illness

Empowering the Structurally Disempowered: Analyzing the Power of Vision and Voice in Collaborative Methodologies

Death as a Social State: Biological Death vs. Social Death

The Words They Left Us: Examining the Sociopolitical Nature of Language

Examination of Quality of Life in Medical World, through the Patient’s Anthropological Perspective

Once Upon A Time: Disney’s American Fairytales as A Mean of Anthropological Insight

Missing Diversity in Genetics

Producing Visual Empire

Killing America One Puff at A Time: Understanding how the use of cultural discourse in Cigarette and Vape Advertisements has contributed to an Epidemic.

The Changing Role of the Anthropologist in Visual and Written Anthropology

Crafty N’ Nasty:  Exploring Feminism, Postmodernity, and the City in Craftivism

Societal Sickness: Breaking down the Intricacies of What Composes the Deaf Identity from an Anthropological Perspective

Deconstructing Diagnosis: Beyond Medical Jargon

The Stories of Storytelling: Creative Influences on Ethnographic Writing

Seeking Rastafari: Nutrition as Liberation

Seduction and Intoxication: The Influence of Corporations and Alcohol Marketing Regulations on Drinking Cultures

The Forgotten: An Analysis of the Fateful Migrant Journey Across European Borders and  the Quest towards Rightful Identification through Forensic Anthropology

Play: The Intersection of the Virtual and Real. A literature review of the methodologies and history of the anthropological study of play with a focus on emerging systems of virtual play

Unsettled Accounts: A study of the elusive relationship between multinational extractive corporations and communities in the Global South

The Communicative Power of Racial Ideologies: How Racism Kills the Black Body

Exploring Causes of Racial Health Disparities: A Comparison Between Epidemiological and Anthropological Scholarship

From ancient cities to ‘Victory Gardens’ and high-tech rooftop farms: Addressing the uncertainty surrounding urban agriculture with an anthropological analysis on its origins and its evolution throughout the history of the American city

Alcohol Consumption and its Transformation of the Burden of Disease of Tuberculosis

Redefining the Anthropologist: Technology as an Asset

I <3 (Heart) Health: An Anthropological Guide to African Americans’ Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cultures of Coffee: Defetishization and the Built Relationships of Fair Trade Coffee

Redefining Reality: Visualizing Collective Consciousness and Indigeneity in Experimental Ethnographic Media

The Commodified Self: Constructing identities in a consumerist world

Fica[k] de bem com as let[k]inhas”: An Anthropological Study of Catarina’s Dictionary and Her Poetic Knowledge

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