JP Titles 2018-2019

In 2018-2019, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles.  

To A Distant Land: Rootedness and Routedness in Diaspora Studies

The Nazis and Animal Welfare: A Literature Review of Anthropological Scholarship on Animal Rights and Outgrouping

Intersectional Experiences and the Distinction Between Status and Identity: The Word ‘Queer’

“Of All That is Best in their Past”: African-Based Ceremonial Linguistic Forms as Tools of Diasporic Cultural Identity Formation among the Jamaican Maroons

Developing Ethnographic Perspectives on Bangladesh’s Environment-Development Nexus

Border Life: Us Versus Them as Determined by U.S. Borders

Understanding the Relationship Between Law and Culture in an Era of Globalization

Speaking without Words: Human Movement in Political, Historical, and Social Context

Modes of Resistance against the Largest Slave System in the Americas: A Glance at Brazil

Dichotomy of Addition: The Position of Women amidst the Criminalization and Medicalization of the Opioid Crisis

Undocumented Latin American Immigrant Health in the United States: Anthropological Perspectives

Deaf Heart: Potential for Anthropology in Deaf Studies

Care, Cure, Control: Navigating the Chinese Cultural Model of Mental Illness and its Stigma

Beyond the Numbers: The Necessity of Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding African American Maternal Mortality

Combating Resistance and Relapse: Anthropologists of Tuberculosis in India

The Amorphous and Hidden Object: How the Body is Constructed and Interpreted in Order to Create Illness Identities and Reveal Truths Within Ourselves

The Humanity of Sex Work in the Digital Age

Network, Cyborg, Object, Image: Biomedical and Anthropological Models of the Body with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Death Before Birth: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Pregnancy Loss Reproduction and Technology:  Imagined Futures of a Genetically Stratified World

Defining Bodies: An In-Depth Analysis of Disease and Healing

Biomedicine, Gender, and Embodiment in Women’s Decisions to Pursue Alternative Approaches to Childbirth

Hablando sobre raza: Mestizo Nationalism and its Role in Mexican Healthcare and Healthcare Access for Non-Mestizos

South Asians in Tanzania: Racialized ‘belonging’ in the Neo-diaspora

Technoshamanism: Understanding Music, Trance, and Dance in Rave Contexts

Academic Games: Scholastic Imagination and the Creative Surreal

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