JP Titles 2017-2018

In 2017-2018, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles.  

Tattooed: The Stigma of Disease

The Symbolic Nation: Understanding the Transmigrant Experience of Filipino Americans through Life Stories

Performing Androgyny: Gendered Liminality in Takarazuka

All in The Words? A Study of Storytelling, Refugee Narratives in Anthropology and Journalism

Navigating Intelligibility/Unintelligibility as Fa'afafine: A Queer, Diasporic, and Indigenous Reading

Mare Nostrum, Lost and Found in the Mediterranean: Transnational Ghosts in Postcolonial Italy

What is Trash? An Exploration of Trash in Anthropology

"The Land of the Free": An Anthropological Examination of the Mass Incarceration Epidemic

The Complementary Nature of the Ethnographic and Empathetic Processes

How to Speak American: 1.5 Generation Korean Immigrant Students in English-speaking Classrooms

The France that I Love, Wants Me to Leave: Arab Representations in L'Italien and Paris À Tout Prix

Dancing in the Streets: Politics as an Embodied Practice in New Orleans Second Line Dance

A Mental Healthcare Problem: Recovering Humanity in the Treatment of Mental Illness

"And There They Play for Evermore?"" Liminality in Paris' BDSM Scene

Greening God: The Role of American Christianity in Environmentalist Discourse

The World as our Garden: The Anthropological Review of Human-Nature Connections

Interactive Technologies and the Deterioration of Humanity

Pretty Privilege: Beauty, Race, and Social Ascent in the White Empire

Making Hegemony: The Colonial Construction of Micronesia in American Anthropology, Implications and Interventions

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