JP Titles 2016-2017

In 2016-2017, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles.  

Tactics of Resistance, Strategies of Social Change: Teacher Agency in the Anthropology of Education

Terms of Engagement: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Human/Non-Human Divide for Nature, Which is a Reason unto Itself

Blurring the lines of normalcy: Iatrogenic opioid addiction and the redefining of social deviance in the world of addiction

Inequality and Illness: An Examination of Structural Violence in South Sudan

Dance, the “Other” Art Form

Black Seas: Blackness as a Path to Self-Determination in Pacific Activism

Immolation of a Home: Situating Calais Jungle as a Site of Struggle between the State and Refugee Agency

The Modern Meal: Brunch as a reflection of contemporary culture

Personal Names as Agents of Social Reproduction among the Yoruba of Southern Nigeria

Ecotourism: Conservation, Development and Capitalism in Rural Communities

How Anthropologists Think: about "First Contact," for Example

A Cultural Shift towards a New Normal in the American Diet

The Commodification of Alternative Medicine, Entheogens and Spirituality in Modern Urban Centers

Medicine Across Cultures: An Exploration of the Connections Between Diverse Medicinal Approaches and Their Cultures

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