JP Titles in 2015-2016

In 2015-2016, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles under advising received from the faculty members whose names are shown in parentheses following the titles.

The Sufism Paradox (Davis)

Anthropology and Abortion: Holistic Approach to Unexplored Grey Areas (Biehl)

The Celebration of the Ordinary: Exploring the Performances of the Monica Bill Barnes Dance Company through an Anthropological Lens (Oushakine)

Debutant Balls: A Study in Ritual Evolution (Rouse)

Consumed with Consumption: The Distorted Perceptions of Everyday People and Ethical Capitalism in the United States (Purcell)

Language Ideologies and Esperanto: Identity, Neutrality, and Universalism in a Planned Language (Rouse)

The Power of Names: Personal Names in Cucaita, Colombia 1960-2015 (Greenhouse)

A Critique of Climatological Reason (Borneman)

Performing "Want" -- How Actors Create Physical and Cultural Realities on Stage (Oushakine)

"I Heard It's Like ...":  Women's Bodies, Femaleness, and the Lives of Women with Turner Syndrome (Sherouse)

The Existence of Race in an African Country as Compared to the U.S. (Borneman)

We Connect to Disconnect: Exploring the Implications of Social Media on our Culture (Greenhouse)

Gift, Commodity, Hero: A Reimagination of Organ Donation in the United States (Greenhouse)

A (Web)Site of Protest: Cyberspace and the Politics of Memory and Belonging (Sherouse)

Analyzing the Hong Kong Identity Crisis: What is a Hong Konger? (Oushakine)

On Criminalization and Activism in the Undocumented Immigrant Community (Greenhouse)

Locked Up, Textbook Out: Understanding Criminality and Prisons in the United States through Prison Education Initiatives (Biehl)

(Mis)Representation of the Ancient Inka: An Examination of Spanish Colonial Documents (Davis)

Citizen for the Greater Good: The Case of the Guatemalan Tuskegee (Biehl)

Ni Cristianos ni Moros: Constructing a European Spanish Identity in the Iberian Peninsula (Borneman)

Communicating Identity via Styles of Dress (Davis)

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