JP Titles in 2014-2015

In 2014-2015, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles under advising received from the faculty members whose names are shown in parentheses following the titles.

A Dog Named Emma: An Anthropological Examination of the Use of Human Names for Dogs ( Ellison)

Migration: A Soninke Reading of the Soninke Experience (Rouse)

Between the Straight Line and the Tree: Hundertwasser's Philosophy of Nature, Architecture, and Boundaries of the Self (Greenhouse)

Riots in the Abbey: Cultural Performance and Social Memory in Modern Irish Theater (Lederman)

The Place and Function of Online Schooling in the American Educational System (Clark-Deces)

Decolonizing the [State/of] Mind: Exploring Emergent Trends in Women's Transnational Political Solidarity (Greenhouse)

The street children of Medellin, Colombia and the role of the concept of agency in childhood studies and children's rights (Lederman)

Can a Virtual World Feel the Heat? A Study of Climate Change Activism via Social Media (Ellison)

Brazilian Street Art: A study of graffiti and tagging in Rio de Janeiro and its social implications (Ellison)

The Last Nandan: The Popularity of Li Yugang in Pop Culture Analyzed through Chinese Cultural and Historical Notions of Gender (Lederman)

Indo-Caribbean Identities: Then and Now (Rouse)

The Performance of Brazilian National Identity through Professional Men's National Soccer (Biehl)

"If you have not been to the gaokao your life is not complete": Academic Pressure in China and a Refiguring of Student Suicides (Rouse)

Reimagining Disaster: Lessons Learned from Ethnographic Approaches to the Tsunami Aftermath in Sri Lanka (Biehl)

Powwow: Articulating Contemporary Identities in Native North America (Borneman)

Hindu Nationalist Women: Constructing Narratives, Forming Subjectivities (Clark-Deces)

The Female Ballet Body (Borneman)

Journeying into the Sunset of Our Lives: An Analysis of the Anthropological Discourse on Alzheimer's Disease (Biehl)

Fantasies of Reality: Locating the Person Brand through One Direction's This is Us as Ethnographic Film (Clark-Deces)

The Sport Ritual of Spanish Bullfighting (Greenhouse)

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