JP Titles in 2013-2014

In 2013-2014, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles under advising received from the faculty members whose names are shown in parentheses following the titles.

Passing the Torch: Thich Quang Duc's self-immolation and American representation and viewership (Greenhouse, fall / Rouse, spring)

Toward New Frontiers of Naturecultural Perception: Representational Possibilities at the Intersection of Multispecies Ethnography and Bio Art (Rosen, fall / Mann, spring)

Glitter and Be Grey: The Power of Liminality in Theater and Sweeney Todd (Gottlieb, fall / Hammoudi, spring)

Anthropology and Empire: Early Israeli Anthropologists' Work on the Mizrahim (Rosen, fall / Hammoudi, spring)

Sierra Leone's Free Healthcare: At What Cost? (Greenhouse, fall / Hammoudi, spring)

Marks of Cain: Prison Tattooing in Film and Television (Gottlieb, fall / Rouse, spring)

J'ai Faim: Regional Cuisine and Its Significance in French Identity (Greenhouse, fall / Mann, spring)

Getting Our Heads out of the Clouds: Exploring an Embodied Practice of Climate Change through Religion (Greenhouse, fall / Hammoudi, spring)

Female Genital Mutilation: Rights, Relativism and Representation in a Global Context (Greenhouse, fall / Mann, spring)

Contested Identities: Models of Expertise and Labeling in Debates about Schizophrenia (Rosen, fall / Rouse, spring)

Stories that We Tell about Our Food: The Politics of Representation in the Case of Genetically Modified (GM) Food Crops (Gottlieb, fall / Mann, spring)

Portraying Pleasure: An Analysis of the Meaning of Female Sexuality in Hysterical Literature (Rosen, fall / Mann, spring)

The Multifaceted Approach to Conceptualization of the Human Body: A Guatemalan Case Study (Rosen, fall / Rouse, spring)

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