JP Titles 2012-2013

In 2012-2013, Anthropology majors completed Junior Papers with the following titles under advising received from the faculty members whose names are shown in parentheses following the titles.

Turkey, Peking Duck, and Kulfi. The ritual Thanksgiving feast and American identity (Greenhouse)

Fear by Facebook: FOMO, Performance Theory, and Voyeurism amongst American Youth (Hammoudi)

Le Goût Français: The Translation of French Cuisine to American Culture (Clark-Decès)

Formative, or Just Formality: A Study of Amish Rumspringa (Rosen)

Cultivating Community: Agricultural industrialization and social cohesion in America’s rural farming communities (Lederman)

There’s Only Room for One: An Anthropological Study of China’s One-Child Policy (Clark-Decès)

Anxious New York City: Political, Social and Architectural Manifestations of Post-9/11 Fear (Oushakine)

Constructing Regimes of Success: An Analysis of Microfinance’s Evaluation Indicators (Oushakine)

The Dark Side of Conservation: The Social Impacts and Implications in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania (Rouse)

Every Contact Leaves a Trace: A View of the Formative Years of Forensic Science (Monge)

The Re-estabishment of Law and Biology and the Persisting Asymmetry in Lesbian Kinship (Greenhouse)

Prostitution: Woman as Commodity. An analysis of the body on the market and the power of language to control its reputation (Lederman)

Ambivalently American: Formation of Ethnic Identity in the New Second Generation (Clark-Decès)

Welcome to the World: How Obstetric Evidence Constructs Risk, Safety, and Health in Childbirth (Rouse)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among HIV/AIDS Patients: Challenges, Conflicts, and Considerations (Hammoudi)

The American abroad experience: Youth and boundary crossing in national identity formation of college exchange students (Hammoudi)

Revealing Ethnographic Prejudices through Classical Music: Manipulating Rite of Spring as an Artistic Exaggeration of ‘Primitiveness’ (Rosen)

The Filmmaker’s Lens (Davis)

The Moral Accountability of Mentally Ill Individuals Committing Crimes of Violence (Davis)

Self-Help Material in America (Rouse)

Recreating Procreation: An Examination of Assisted Reproductive Technologies’ Influence on the Field of American Kinship (Clark-Decès)

Fetishism and Economic Development (Lederman)

Disembodied Bodies: Anorexia Nervosa and Feminine “Embodiment” (Davis)

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: The Legacy of Rape on the Contemporary African-American Family(Rosen)

The Trajectory of Oromummaa: Cultural and Political Identity Formation of the Oromo (Hammoudi)

Examining and Deconstructing the Marginal Identities of Travestis in Brazil (Greenhouse)

Approaches to Global Health Interventions: A Move to Better Understand Illness in Local Contexts (Rouse)

Details of Daily Life: Improving the Efficiency of Obesity Policies in the United States through Anthropological Research (Lederman)

The Legitimacy of Acupuncture in a Biomedical Setting (Rouse)

Women’s Made-up Liberation: From Mao to the Market (Rouse)

South Asian Dowry Discourse: Exploring the Origins of Dowry and its Abuse (Clark-Decès)

“Don’t Fence Me In”: A Literary Ethnography on the Mythology of the American West (Rosen)  

The Effects of Electronic Health Records on the Doctor-Patient Relationship (Davis)

Dissonance and Decline: The Use, Function, and Meaning of Classical Music in America (Hammoudi)

The Origin of Culture (Lederman)

Media and its Role in the Processes of Cultural/Language Revitalization, Cultural Longevity, and the Formation of Communities (Rouse)

Indian Basketball: Portrayed Through Literature (Rosen)

An Anthropology of Care (Greenhouse)

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