Graduate FAQs


How many pages are required for the writing sample?

The writing sample should be no more than 25 pages. 

What funding is available?

Funding is a combination of tuition and stipend for the 5 years of the program.  Summer research is available from the University. 

How does advising work?

Students are admitted by a committee of the whole faculty.  The first year students are advised by the Director of Graduate Studies and a mentor chosen by the Director.  In the beginning of the second year students pick their generals committee from faculty.

What is the course of study?

Students are required to take two years of coursework.  Every semester students are expected to take two departmental "ANT" designated courses and one elective courseThe electives may be taken in other University departments or, after the first year, through the consortium of graduate schools

Is fieldwork required?

Yes.  A minimum of 12 months is required as part of the program.  Many students spend up to 18 months in the field. 

Is residency required?

Residency in Princeton is required for the first year, but strongly encouraged through the first semester of the third year (the proposal writing stage).

Is there a language requirement?

A  written translation exam of a scholarly language is a requirement for the Ph.D.  A dictionary may be used.  The language exam must be passed before sitting for the second year general exam, at end of second year.


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