Dissertation Titles

Oum-Hani Alaoui
"Migratory Trajectories: Moroccan Borderlands and Translocal Imaginaries"

Kessie Alexandre
"Floods and Fountains: Water Politics and Black Ecologies in Newark, NJ"

Quincy Amoah
"Ejok !Experience , Language, and Aesthetico-Moral Expression in Karamoja"

Begona Aretxaga (1960-2002)
"A Topography of Dignity: Gendered Politics and Transformative Symbols in Northern Ireland"

Ruth Behar
"The Presence of the Past:  A Historical Ethnography of a Leonese Village (Spain)"

Nicole Berger
"National Places, Cosmopolitan Spaces: Tamil Diaspora in Paris, France"

Charis Boutieri
"An ambivalent embrace : the cultural politics of Arabization and the knowledge economy in the Moroccan public school"

Daniela Brancaforte
"Camouflaged Identities and Army Wives: Narratives of Self and Place on the Margins of the U.S. Military Family"

Diana Budur
"Gypsy Myths and Romani Cosmologies in the New World: The Roma and Calon in Brazil"

Grace Carey
The Art of Building Paradise: contemporary Catholic utopia and the making of a non-democratic privately owned town

Leo C. Coleman
"Delhi in the Electrical Age: Technologies of Rule and the Rites of Power in India's Capital, 1903-2006"

Sumi E. Colligan
"Religion, Nationalism, and Ethnicity in Israel: The Case of the Karaite Jews"

Jessica M. Cooper
"Unaccountable: Surreal Life in California’s Mental Health Courts"

Kenneth D. Croes
"Nature of a Nation: Monarchy, Development, and Culture in Nepal's Annapurna Conservation Area Project"

Talia Dan-Cohen
"Making life is easy: Novelty and uncertainty in synthetic biology"

Loring Danforth
"The Anastenaria: A Study in Greek Ritual Therapy"

Elizabeth Durham
"Minding Time: Healthy Living Amid the Clinic, the Church, and the Home(land) in the Republic of Cameroon"

Leslie Dwyer
"Making Modern Muslims: Embodied Politics and Piety in Urban Java, Indonesia"

Alex Edmonds
"New Markets, New Bodies: An Ethnography of Brazil's Beauty Industry"

Erin E. Fitz-Henry
"Municipalizing Sovereignty: The U.S. Air Force in Manta, Ecuador"

Vinicius de Aguiar Furuie
Argonauts of the Amazon: River Trade and Rights Along the Iriri River

Onur Günay
"Becoming Kurdish:  Migration, Urban Labor and Political Violence in Turkey"     

Janet Hine
"Canada’s Science:  An Ethnography of Ethics and Expertise in Stem Cell Biology"

Sami Hermez
"In the meanwhile : living everyday in anticipation of violence in Lebanon"

Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela
"Pedagogies of Occupation: Youth Aspiration, Drugs and the Politics of Time in Brazil

Megan Foreman
"Specters of history : Hataron Tuli Magyarok and Hungarian party politics"

David Frye
"Local Memory, Local History and the Construction of Identity in a Rural Mexican Town"

Chris Garces
"Whither Charity? Andean Catholic Politics & the Secularization of Sacrifice"

William Garriott
"A Body on Drugs: Methamphetamine and the Making of a New Criminal Type in the Rural United States"

Kaushik Ghosh 
“The Modernity of Primitive India: Adivasi Ethnicity in Jharkhand And the Formation of a National Modern"

Judith Goldstein
"Interwoven Identities:  Religious Communities in Yazd Iran"

Gwendolyn Gordon
"Bones, Breath, Body, The Life of an Indigenously Owned New Zealand Corperation"

Onur Günay
"Becoming Kurdish: Migratin, Urban Labor and Political Violence in Turkey"

Heiko Henkel
"Pious Disciplines and Modern Lives: The Culture of the Fiqh in the Turkish Islamic Tradition"

Jeffrey Himpele
"Distributing Difference: the Distribution and Displacement of Media, Spectacle and Identity in La Paz, Bolivia"

Janet Hine
"Canada's Science: An Ethnography of Ethics and Expertise in Stem Cell Biology"

Karen Zouwen Ho
"Liquefying Corporations and Communities; Wall Street Worldviews and Socio-economic Transformations in the Post-industrial Economy"

Elizabeth Hough
"The Gendered Dimensions of Local-Foreign Interactions in a Greek Tourist Destination: The Case of Symi"

Stephen Jackson
"War Making: Uncertainty, Improvisation and Involution in the Kivu Provinces, DR Congo, 1997-2002"

Thomas Johnston-O'Neill
"Disenchanting Revolutions from Sati Power to Practical Purpose:  A cultural History of the Present of an Indonesian Minangkabau Village"

Eugenia Kaw
“Buddhism and Education in Burma: Varying Conditions for a Social Ethos in the Path to 'Nibbana'”

Su’ad Khabeer
"Hip hop is Islam : race, self-making and young muslims in Chicago"

Alan Klima
"The Funeral Casino: Buddhist Meditation, State Terrorism and Public Images in Thailand"

Peter Kurie
"Trust in Perpetuity: Legacies of Charity in a Storied Company Town"

David J. Landes (1956-2019)
"Traditional Struggles: Studying, Deciding, and Performing the Law at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary"

Kristine Latta
"Merchant moralities : indigenous economy and ethical work in Otavalo, Ecuador"

George Laufenberg
"American Healers: Psychology and the Sacred"

Linda Layne
"The Production and Reproduction of Tribal Identity in Jordan (Nomads)"

Alec Leonhardt
"The Culture of Development in Bakaland:  the apparatus of Development in Relation to Baka Hunter Gatherers"

Lauren Leve
"Contested Nation/Buddhist Innovation: the Politics of Piety in Theravada Buddhism in Nepal"

Hsu-Ta Lin
“Reflavored Nostalgias: A History and Ethnography of Taiwan’s Muted Marginality, 1895-2004”

Peter Andrew Locke
"City of Survivors: Trauma, Grief, and Getting By in Post-War Sarajevo"

John MacDougall
"Buddhist buda or buda Buddhists?  Conversion, Religious Modernism and Conflict in the Minority Buda Sasak Communities of New Order and post-Suharto Lombok"

Wende Elizabeth Marshall
"Recovering Nation: Disease, Decolonization and Healing in Wai`anae, O`ahu."

Richard J. Martin
"Powerful exchanges: Ritual and subjectivity in Berlin's BDSM scene"

Kenneth Marty
"Neo-Fascist Irrationality or Fantastic History?  Tacuara, the Andinia Plan and Adolf Eichmann in Argentina"

Kelly McKowen
"Moral Fiber: An Ethnography of Unemployment, Ethics, and the Social Safety Net in Norway"

Arion Melidonis
"Crisscrossing the green line : voices of the Cypres conflict"

Nikolaos Michailidis 
"Soundscapes of Trabzon: Music, Memory, and Power in Turkey"

Amy Moran-Thomas
"Metabola: Chronic Disease and Damaged Life in Belize"

Brian McVeigh
"Gratitude, Obedience and Humility of Heart:  the Cultural Construct of Belief in an Japanese New Religion"

Florence Merle
"The International Graffiti Movement: Mixed Metaphors and Aesthetic Disruption"

Brinkley Messick
"Transactions in IBB:  Economy and Society in a Yemeni Highland Town"

Kavita Misra
"A Safe Space: AIDS and New Sociality in an Indian Setting (Immune Deficiency)"

Carolyn North
"There is Always 'Mal": the Cultural Construction of Illness Experience among the Quechua Indians in Peru"

Yael Navaro-Yashin
"Travesty & Truth: Politics of Culture and Fantasies of the State in Turkey"

Rachel Newcomb
"'Singing to So Many Audiences': Negotiations of Gender, Identity, and Social Space in Fes, Morocco"

Claire Blythe Nicholas
"Master Class: The Technical and Ethical Re-education of Moroccan Artisans"

Anna Offit
"Making the Case for Jurors: An Ethnographic Study of Federal Prosecution in the United States"

Michael Oldani
“Filling Scripts: A Multi-Sited Ethnography of Pharmaceutical Sales Practices, Psychiatric Prescribing, & Phamily in North America”

Elizabeth Oram
"Constructing Modern Copts: The Production of Coptic Christian Identity in Contemporary Egypt"

Stefania Pandolfo
"The Angel of Death Replied":  Absence and Longing ina Moroccan Space of Memory"

Emma Patten
"Poiesis of the Past: Narratives in Memory, History, and Materiality"

Greta Foff Paules
"Behind the Lines:  Strategies of Self-Perception and Protection among Waitresses in New Jersey"

Heath Pearson
"The Carceral Outside: How Privatized Land Produces Racialized Labor in an American Prison Town"

Nathalie Peutz
"Heritage and Heresy:  Environment, Community and the State at the Margins of Arabia"

Sarah Pinto
"Casting Desire: Reproduction, Loss and Subjectivity in Rural North India"

Daniel Polk
"For Want of Water: The Cultural Politics of Water Management in the American West"

Bridget Purcell
"The City Hides Itself: Movement and Meaning in Urban Form"

Erin L. Raffety
"Morality on the Margins: Fostering Disabled Children in Contemporary China"

Eugene Raikhel
"Governing Habits:  Addiction and the Therapeutic Market in Russia"

Darini Rajasingham
"The Afterlife of Empire:  Immigrants and the Imagi(nation) in post-colonial Britian"

Sebastian Ramirez
"Making Home in War: An Ethnography on Reparations and Horizons in the Eve of Peace in Colombia"

Michele Rivkin-Fish
"Reproducing Russia: Women's Health and Moral Education in Constructing a Post Soviet Society"

Mark D. Robinson
"Neuro-Innovation: Translational Science, Ethics, and the Financialization of Health"

Igor Rubinov
"Grafted Futures: Climate Adaptation in a Post-Soviet World"

Pablo Landa Ruiloba
"Overflowing Architecture: Home, Neighborhood and Nation in Mexico’s Modern Experience "

Christopher Roy
"Abenaki sociality and the work of family history"

Nadezhda Savova
"Bread and home: global cultural politics in the tangible places of intangible heritage (Bulgaria, Cuba, Brazil)"

Ari Samsky
"Topographies of Need:  Humanitarianism, Science and the Market in Two International Drug Donation Programs"

Kirsten Scheid
“Painters, Picture-makers and Lebanon: Ambiguous Identities in an Unsettled State”

Nancy Schwartz (1952-2009)
"World Without End:  the Meanings and Movements in the History,  Narratives and 'Tongue-Speech' of Legio Maria of African Church Mission Among Luo of Kenya"

Saul Schwartz
"The Afterlives of Language: Chewer Preservation as a Revitalization Movement"                

Beth Shally
"Living One's Stories of 'to be Gomero'": Dynamic Processes of Identification in the Gomeran Fiesta (Canary Islands, Spain)"

Michael Shally-Jensen
"New Deal, New LIfe:  Culture and History of a Jewish Cooperative Colony in New Jersey 1933-1939"

Jamie Sherman
"Beyond the humanely possible : self-transformation, superheroes, and social realities in a hard core bodybuilding gym"

Ari Shapiro
"A curse on all our Houses:  The Ethics of Ownership in the Czech Republic"

Marissa J. Smith
"Treasure Underfoot and Far Away: Mining, Foreignness, and Friendship in Contemporary Mongolia"

Karen Smyers
"The Fox and the Jewel:  A Study of Shared and Private Meanings in Japanese Inari Worship"

Stefan Sperling (1971-2016)
“Science and Conscience: An Ethnography of Stem Cells, Bioethics, and Citizenship in Germany”

Megan Steffen
"Unpredictability, Sociality, and Decision-Making in an Accelerating Chinese City"

Thomas P. Strong
“Pikosa: Loss and Life in the Papua New Guinea Highlands”

Shreya Subramani
"Carcerality in Transition: The Productive Relations of Reentry Governance in New Orleans"

Riaz Tejani
"Crisis and constitution : French antiracism and belonging in the new legal order of Europe"

Susana Trnka
"'God Only Listens to those who Sweat': Violence, the Body and Community in Sanatan Hindu Dialogues of the May 2000 Fiji coup"

Antonio Luis Vivanco
"Green Mountains, Greening People: Encountering Environmentalism Monte Verde, Costa Rica"

Alexander Wamboldt
"We Will Not Be Told Whom to Love: Affection, Religious Courts, and the Struggle for Civil Marriage in Israel"

Kay B. Warren
"When the Devil Tempts: Cultural Identity in a Highland Guatemalan Indian Community"

Mark Whitaker
"Divinity and Legitimacy in a Temple of the Lord Kantan (Sri Lanka, Tamil)"

Ian Whitmarsh
“Biomedical Ambivalence: Asthma, Race and Nation in an International Genetics Study”

Sam J. Williams
"Istanbul Incorporated: Minorities and the Market in the Grand Bazaar and İstiklâl Street"

Aaron Willis
"Sephardic Torah Guardians:  Ritual and the Politics of Piety"

Erica Weiss
"Social life of conscience : rhetoric, sacrifice, and community among Israeli conscientious objectors" 

Lisa Wynn
"From the Pyramids to Pyramids Road: An Ethnography of the Idea of Egypt"

Xiuyuan Lu
"The contested Terrain:  Alternative Art Practices inf Post-modern New York Art Worlds"

Natasha Zaretsky
"Citizens of the Plaza:  Memory, Violence, and Belonging in Jewish Buenos Aires"

Jessica Zuchowski
"Comparing access : health care structures and women with chronic pain illness in the United States and the United Kingdom"