Dissertation Titles

Thalia Gigerenzer *23   
“A Sense of Radiance: Gender, Conviviality and Poetics in India's Muslim Communities”

Sarah-Jane Koulen *23 
“The ICL Cohort: An Ethnography of International Criminal Justice”

Sofia Pinedo-Padoch *23            
“Life After Death in New York City: An Ethnography of Public Administration”

Elizabeth Saldana *23   
“Becoming Responsible Adults: Aging Out of Child Welfare in Kentucky”

Fatima Siwaju *23          
“Black Muslims in the Colombian Pacific: Race, Religion, and Regimes of Citizenship”

Jagat Sohail *23              
“Afterlives of Welcome: Encounter, Contact, and Refugee Incorporation in Berlin”

Tyler Adkins *22             
“The Fear that Lasts Forever: Food and Time in an Altai Village”

Hanna Bradley *22         
“Past the End of the Road: Aesthetic senses of place along Kachemak Bay, Alaska”

Elizabeth Durham *22   
“Minding Time: Healthy Living Amid the Clinic, the Church, and the Home(land) in the Republic of Cameroon”

Brandon Hunter *22      
“Solidarity in the Sand: Labor, Capitalist Development, and Contestation in Mexico’s Maya Riviera”

Karolina Koziol *22        
“Representing Foreignness: Encounters in the Sino-Russian Borderlands”

Lindsay Ofrias *22          
“Healing Justice: Environmental Defenders and a Thriving Amazonia”

Jesse Rumsey-Merlan *22          
“Golden Goa: An Ethnography of an Unsettled Place”

Grace Anne Carey *21   
“The Art of Building Paradise: How a Catholic Community Experiences the Utopic in Everyday Life”

Alexandra Middleton *21           
“An Anthropology of Experimental Neuroprosthetic Science and its Bodies and Homes”

Shinjung Nam *21          
“Philosophizing Against Hegemons: Humanities Studies and the Politics of Reading in South Korea”

Kessie Alexandre *20    
“Floods and Fountains: Water Politics and Black Ecologies in Newark, NJ”

Quincy J Amoah *20      
“Ejok! Experience, Language, and Aesthetico-Moral Expression in Karamoja”

Vinicius de Aguiar Furuie *20    
“Argonauts of the Amazon: River Trade and Rights in the Xingu Basin”

Emma Patten *20           
“’History Is Who We Are’: Truth, Community, and Crafting the Past in York, United Kingdom and Northern California and Nevada”

Shreya Subramani *20  
“Carcerality in Transition: The Productive Relations of Reentry Governance in New Orleans”

Nicole C Berger *19       
“National Places, Cosmopolitan Spaces: Tamil Diaspora in Paris, France”

Benjamin Fogarty Valenzuela *19           
“Pedagogies of Occupation: Youth Aspiration, Drugs and the Politics of Time in Brazil”

Kelly McKowen *19       
“Moral Fiber: An Ethnography of Unemployment, Ethics, and the Social Safety Net in Norway”

Heath Pearson *19         
“The Carceral Outside: How Privatized Land Produces Racialized Labor in an American Prison Town”

Igor Rubinov *19            
“Grafted Futures: Climate Adaptation in a Post-Soviet World”

Jessica Cooper *18         
“Unaccountable: Surreal Life in California's Mental Health Courts”

Anna Offit *18  
“Making the Cae for Jurors: An Ethnographic Study of U.S. Prosecutors”

Sebastián Ramírez Hernández *18          
“Making Home in War: An Ethnography on Reparations and Horizons in the Eve of Peace in Colombia”

Alexander Steven Wamboldt *18            
“We Will Not be Told Whom to Love: Affection, Religious Courts, and the Struggle for Civil Marriage in Israel”

Onur Günay *17             
“Becoming Kurdish: Migration, Urban Labor, and Political Violence in Turkey”

Janet E Hine *17             
“Canada's Science: An Ethnography of Ethics and Expertise in Stem Cell Biology”

Nikolaos Michailidis *16             
“Soundscapes of Trabzon: Music, Memory, and Power in Turkey”

Megan Amanda Steffen *16       
“Unpredictability, Sociality, and Decision-Making in an Accelerating Chinese City”

Samuel Joseph Williams *16      
“Istanbul Incorporated Minorities and the Market in the Grand Bazaar and İstiklâl Street”

Diana Budur *15             
“Gypsy Myths and Romani Cosmologies in the New World: The Roma and Calon in Brazil”

Peter Demoor Kurie *15
“Trust in Perpetuity: Legacies of Charity in a Storied Company Town”

Pablo Landa Ruiloba *15             
“Overflowing Architecture: Home, Neighborhood and Nation in Mexico's Modern Experience”

George Ryan Laufenberg *15     
“American Healers: Psychology and the Sacred”

Erin L Raffety *15           
“Morality on the Margins: Fostering Disabled Children in Contemporary China”

Saul Schwartz *15          
“The Afterlives of Language: Chiwere Preservation as a Revitalization Movement”

Marissa Jo Smith *15    
“Treasure Underfoot and Far Away: Mining, Foreignness, and Friendship in Contemporary Mongolia”

Gwendolyn Gordon *14              
“Bones, Breath, Body: The Life of an Indigenously Owned New Zealand Corporation”

Claire Blythe Nicholas *14          
“Master Class: The Technical and Ethical Re-Education of Moroccan Artisans”

Daniel Vivian Polk *14  
“For Want of Water: The Cultural Politics of Water Management in the American West”

Bridget Purcel *14          
“The City That Hides Itself: Movement and Meaning in Urban Form”

Mark D Robinson *14   
“Neuro-Innovation: Translational Science, Ethics, and the Financialization of Health”