Himpele's film "Shame On You!" will be part of New Jersey's International Film Festival

Jun 1, 2024, 5:00 pm5:30 pm
Rutgers University's Voorhees Hall #105, 71 Hamilton St., New Brunswick


Event Description

Jeffrey Himpele's film, Shame On You! will be screened at the New Jersey International Film Festival in New Brunswick. The animated documentary "Shame on You!," focuses on the debt crisis in America. The film exposes the untold personal costs of victims of the debt collection industry that is enabled by fear of the judicial system and hidden shame about debt. Screening will take place at Rutgers University's Voorhees Hall #105, 71 Hamilton Street., New Brunswick, beginning at 5:00 p.m. on June 1, tickets are $15 per film. 

Shame On You! will be online for 24 hours and In-Person at 5PM on June 1st.

Himpele will be in person for the Q&A with researcher/writer Ann Neumann and lead actress (“Sarah”) Vivia Font!  Q&A takes place after the subsequent film screening.

Shame On You! was produced, directed, and edited by Jeffrey Himpele, Lecturer and Director of the VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization. The film was animated by Michael Arthur and Debt Collection Lab founder Frederick F. Wherry is the film’s executive director.

The 29th annual festival, produced by Rutgers Film Co-op/New Jersey Media Arts Center in association with the Rutgers University Program in Cinema Studies, is returning for both in-person and online screenings.

The New Jersey International Film Festival, will be at Rutgers University on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between May 31 and June 9.

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Shame On You!


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