GradFUTURES and Anthropology

Mar 1, 2024, 10:00 am11:30 am
216 Aaron Burr Hall



Event Description

James M. Van Wyck is the gradFUTURES liaison for the Humanities & Social Sciences. He manages graduate student professional development programs, strategic communications, the gradFUTURES Fellowship programs, including the University Administrative Fellows Program, the gradFUTURES Social Impact Fellowship Program, and the Community College Teaching Fellowship Program. This event is an opportunity for Anthropology graduate students to learn about the professionalization programs offered by gradFUTURES. 

GradFUTURES empowers graduate scholars to succeed in graduate school and create futures that are fully their own. Their programs are strategically designed to complement the Graduate School’s holistic support of graduate students, helping them explore, thrive, and find a sense of belonging while at Princeton. In a fast-changing professional landscape, graduate students are uniquely situated to engage their futures with creativity, insight, and in-demand skills that reveal multiple options within the academy and beyond.

This event is open only to Anthropology graduate students.