Anthropology Department 50th Anniversary Celebration

May 26, 2023, 12:00 pm2:00 pm


Event Description

Friday, May 26 | 12:00 Noon
219 Aaron Burr Hall
With lunch and a birthday cake!


Illuminating our Histories and Creative Futures

Opening Remarks by Professor and Chair João Biehl                                                                                       

Anthropology 50th Anniversary
Ever Open Image for film

Ever Open
Jeffrey Himpele *96 and the VizE Lab
A Sonic Essay on the Beginnings of Anthropology
at Princeton with People Who Were There


Jessica Lambert

2022 Anthropology Thesis Award                                                                 

Jessica N. Lambert, Choctaw Nation
Defending Our Freedom: The US Military,
Environmental Contamination, and Ongoing                                                     
Native Land Theft in the Choctaw Nation


Torture Letter Film

The Torture Letters
Professor Laurence Ralph
Animated short film based on Ralph’s award-winning book, in conjunction with the Center on Transnational Policing and the VizE Lab


Spot the Robot

Robots in Human Ecology
Professor Ryo Morimoto and Spot®
Demonstration of the agile mobile robot
with Boston Dynamics’ Team and new Anthropology Engineering teaching initiative


Come join us during Reunions to celebrate the department's 50th Anniversary!