Ethnographic Studies Alumni

Certificates in Ethnographic Studies Awarded

Students earned the Certificate in Ethnographic Studies (ETH) by completing fieldwork and writing along with required and elective courses in ethnography and ethnographic methods. ANT 300 (Ethnography, Evidence, and Experience) and ANT 301 (The Ethnographer's Craft) served as required common grounding for all ETH students. Three or more additional elective courses deepened each student's understanding of ethnographic methods and ethics and provided opportunity for the application of learning within cultural contexts.  The ethnographic writing marking each student's successful completion of the certificate program was either a senior thesis submitted to the student's department of concentration or a separate paper or other writing (i.e. an original website) submitted to the ETH program.

ETH certificate alumni and their respective departmental concentrations are listed below.

Class of 2021

Elin Ahlstrand, Neuroscience
Amy Amatya, Geosciences
Kaitlyn Bolin, Sociology
Erica Dugue, African American Studies
Kirsten Keels, Music
Suraj Kushwaha, Independent Concentration
Sarah Lawson, History
Skyler Liu, Computer Science B.S.E.
Lily Olsen, Politics
Courtney Tseng, Politics

Class of 2020

Emma Coley, Religion 
Jonah Hyman, Physics
Brandon Mintzer, East Asian Studies
Rebecca Ngu, English
Dayna Valek, Public and International Affairs

Class of 2019

Elijah Ash, Geosciences
Jacqueline Dragon, Chemistry
Katarzyna Kalinowska, History of Science
Anagha Prasanna, Molecular Biology

Class of 2017

Dylan Blau Edelstein, Spanish and Portuguese
Yun-Yun Li, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Stacey Park, Psychology