CV-19 updates for students in ANT courses

Published March 22, 2020; revised 3/30/20

Courses offered by the Department of Anthropology are courses listed with an ANT course number that is first and primary (e.g. ANT/LAS). The Department of Anthropology also cross-lists courses offered by other departments.  A course cross-listed by Anthropology carries an ANT course number that follows the primary course number (e.g. LAS/ANT).

All courses in Spring 2020 that are ANT primary are now offered with the P/D/F grading option. 

In response to the University's response to COVID-19 on 3/19/2020, the Department of Anthropology will accept for departmental course credit any course carrying an ANT course number that a student successfully completes in Spring 2020 with a "Pass" grade, following election of the P/D/F grading option; however, a grade of "D" under any grading option will not be accepted for departmental course credit.  For courses completed under the normal A-F letter grading option, the minimum standard for departmental courses remains "C"; in other words, a course completed with a grade of "C-minus" remains ineligible towards satisfaction of departmental course requirements.  This policy applies to current and future majors alike and it applies to Spring 2020 courses only.

Anthropology majors are allowed two cognates towards satisfaction of their departmental course requirements.  For non-ANT cognates completed in Spring 2020 that have already been approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the above policy to waive the normal requirement to take all departmental courses for a letter grade also applies; a "Pass" grade in a previously approved cognate in Spring 2020 will be recognized for departmental credit. For a non-ANT course completed with a "Pass" grade in Spring 2020 by a current or future concentrator who has not already received approval for the course as an accepted cognate for the student's Anthropology departmental program, the student may contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for consultation.

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