ANT Junior Calendar 2023-2024

This summary calendar highlights important dates for Anthropology Juniors in the current academic year.

The calendar in the Canvas for Anthropology Concentrators is the official document for student reference. For any accidental discrepancy between information in this summary and the official calendar in Canvas, please rely on the information in Canvas and check with the department. [Posted September 13, 2023; subject to correction or change; Rev.1 January 5, 2024.]


September 2023

              Classes begin

13             ANT Juniors' meeting; meet junior advisers.

18 -29      Advising Group -  Meeting.  Scheduled by your adviser. 



4- Nov. 3  Individual consultation with Anthropology Librarian, Wayne Bivens-Tatum. 

             Dept. deadline 250-Word IW Topic Idea due to your adviser and Canvas, 12:00 pm, noon. 

9-13         Advising Group - Peer Review of topic ideas, scheduled by your adviser.

14-22       Fall Break



6-10       Advising Group -Peer Review of preliminary bibliography, scheduled by adviser. 

TBA       Spring-term course advising with ANT DUS

29          Spring-term course selection in TigerHub



4-8         Advising Group - Peer Review of proposal draft, scheduled by your adviser. 

7            Last day of regularly scheduled classes

           Reading period begins

8            Dept. deadline: 750-Word Proposal Draft due to your adviser and in Canvas, 12:00 pm EST, noon.

15          Dean's Date


January 2024

15-28     Wintersession

TBA        I-Workshops to be scheduled beginning Wintersession and through Mid-April TBA

29           Final Track Declaration deadline (default is Socio-Cultural Anthropology)

29           Spring term classes begin

16-31            Dept. deadline: Junior Paper Proposal submitted to adviser and in Canvas, 12:00 pm EST, noon. 


2             Dept deadline: Discuss your JP proposal with your adviser           

9             SAFE opens for senior thesis funding application for summer research

12-16      Senior thesis planning (group) meeting with DUS by Zoom @12:30 pm (link sent by email)

20-24      Discuss JP progress and senior thesis ideas with your adviser

28           Dept. Deadline: Declare Summer 2024 Ethnography via Google form in Canvas



9-17       Spring Break

15          Dept. Deadline: Junior Paper Draft submitted to adviser by 12:00 pm EST, noon. 

24          SAFE closes: Deadline to apply for summer Senior Thesis Research Funding     



TBA       Fall-term course advising with ANT DUS 

15         Two-week deadline: applicable ONLY IF student has not submitted any draft to the adviser; then this date is VERY important.

16          Fall-term course selection in TigerHub

19          Dept. deadline: Final Junior Paper Due submitted to adviser and department (in CANVAS) by 12:00 pm EST, noon.

              Advisers hold discretion to grant extensions up to the University deadline.

26          Last day of regularly scheduled classes

29         Reading period begins

30         University JIW deadline. Dean's extension is required after this date.



7           Dean's Date 

16         Dept. Deadline: Discuss Your Junior Paper and JIW with Your Adviser