VizE Lab Services


VizE Lab staff are available to meet individually with researchers and research groups to advise on a wide-range of topics related to ethnographic data and visualization. Email Jeffrey Himpele to make an appointment.


We will be offering expanding online and offline lab resources for developing ethnographic projects as with resources and guidance from the lab's expert staff on a wide range of issues. Associated researchers may use the online space as a private platform for working with their data, and then as a public platform for disseminating their data and ethnographies on the web. During incubation, researchers also workshop their works in progress to gather feedback. Write to Jeffrey Himpele to discuss bringing your ethnographic project to VizE Lab or to explore a research collaboration with us.


The VizE Lab will host or lead workshops for small groups of researchers. Topics might include:  

  • Demonstrations of tools for visual media management
  • Screen and receive feedback on selects from raw video footage or other media
  • Screen and receive feedback on film rough cuts
  • Present visualization works in progress for feedback
  • Pitch planned film or visual ethnography projects 
  • Video production techniques for field research 
  • Video editing techniques for media management and storytelling  
  • Experiments in combining data visualization and visual ethnography  
  • Explorations in online or hybrid ethnography
  • Visual and digital data ethics and regulations 

Contact the VizE Lab at to discuss workshops or screenings.

Classes and Student Research

Faculty will also bring small groups of students to the salon to collaborate on research projects involving ethnographic data and visualization, or for one of the suggested workshops. We encourage faculty to consider the Digital Learning Lab in the McGraw Center for other course-related projects involving multimedia production and training.