VizE Lab Resources

VizE Lab Facilities for Ethnographic Visualization 

VizE Lab will provide both the technological and social environment for creating ethnographic projects. As a hybrid lab, VizE Lab consists of connected online-offline environments for catalyzing innovative research. In addition to offering individual consultations and workshops in the Lab, our services include resources for incubating ethnographic projects as they develop. Associated researchers have access to our online space for use as a platform for their data, and they will have access to the Lab and visualization wall for workshopping and recording feedback on their projects.   

VizE Lab Online

VizE Lab offers a private research computing platform and tools for curating and manipulating a wide range of ethnographic data, such as interview, survey, mapping, statistical, audio, and video material. Researchers may also use VizE Lab Online as a platform for publicly disseminating research data and as a web-based home for interactive ethnographies that combine multiple forms of data, and varieties of narrative and graphic visualizations.

The VizE Lab

VizE Lab's "offline" space is designed to facilitate discussions, collaborations and workshops in which participants can visualize their work with ethnographic data and audio-visual media from offline or online sources. This comfortable meeting space will include a large interactive visualization wall for brainstorming and for presenting and annotating projects. The interactive HD projection and sound system will display from a variety of digital sources onto the writable surface -- to which annotations can be added in real time, with pens or by touch, and then digitally captured and shared. Remote participants will also be able to contribute. 

Individual and group consultations for researchers and support for student projects in relevant classes will meet in the salon. We also welcome research groups who want an incubation space for developing new projects or for workshopping their ongoing projects. The VizE Lab will present a series of VizE Lab Salon gatherings around a range of topics in digital ethnography, from discussions of specific resources to presentations of works in progress. Currently a work in progress, the VizE Lab is located in 320 Aaron Burr Hall.

The Lab will accommodate collaborative working groups in comfortable seating for up to 10 people.

Projection from your own laptop will be easily achieved in the salon through a wireless connection using AirPlay, available on recent Apple laptops. To project from your PC laptop, or with a wired connection, be sure you have one of these display connectors: 

• DisplayPort
• Mini DisplayPort (typical of most Macs, e.g. thunderbolt)
• USB-C (new MacBook Pro models)
• Or bring your content on a usb flash drive, which can be projected from MacOS in the Lab, if available.


Contact us to enquire about VizE Lab Online or an in person consultation, workshop or screening for your research project for feedback in a VizE Lab Salon