About the VizE Lab

The VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization began in late 2016 as a place for researchers and teachers who want to discover ways to collect, create and visualize complex ethnographic data in ways that enhance insight and intelligibility. The VizE Lab is part of Princeton University’s Department of Anthropology, but is open to researchers from around the campus, and to collaborations beyond.

As the VizE Lab develops this semester, it will provide consultations and workshops and lab resources for researchers who want to:

  • visualize relationships among multiple variables over time and space, and convey their social impact
  • plan, produce and edit ethnographic and documentary films
  • develop new strategies for using visualization software to portray social facts
  • create digital repositories for research teams to manage ethnographic data from multiple sites
  • store and curate ephemera from the field for future analysis
  • develop online sites for research collaboration and dissemination 
  • use visualization techniques as a strategy for teaching cultural analysis and ethnographic methods 

As an interdisciplinary hub for researchers interested in ethnography, the VizE Lab Salon will feature digital research techniques, ethnographic demonstrations, and works in progress, and provide a site of critical inquiry on how analogue and digital research impact each other, and are reshaping ethnography itself. 

concept map of VizE Lab
The VizE Lab Visualized (click to enlarge in new window)

The VizE Lab has also initiated the first in a series of research projects on The Social Life of Data, in collaboration with faculty, graduate students and undergraduates. Visualizing Philadelphia will combine a range of data sources, from big datasets of medical records, environmental and socio-economic data, and person-centered ethnographic film and interviews. The project will explore new ethnographic possibilities for visualizing relationships between social conditions and physiology, in connection with the embodied experiences of life within these datasets. We welcome new collaborations with researchers interested in ethnographic research and visualization. 

Contact Jeffrey Himpele to enquire about our services, resources and research collaborations.

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VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization
320 Aaron Burr Hall

Contact Us:  vizelab@princeton.edu