VizE Lab

Viz E Lab Ethnographic Data Visualization

For scholars who want to create and collect complex ethnographic data
and visualize it in ways that enhance intelligibility, insight and empathy

Starting up this year, the VizE Lab will be devoted to promoting innovative practices in ethnographic research for the digital age. Our hybrid online-offline lab will offer an online platform for curating ethnographic data and for publishing research projects in multiple media forms, such as data visualization and documentary film. Once completed, the Lab's meeting space will enable colleagues to present and annotate a variety of visual media, as well as chart new ideas and projects as they emerge in real time. In addition to providing individual guidance on projects, the VizE Lab will host research collaborators and small classes who are interested in project support and feedback, and it will offer topical workshops and critical discussions of emerging multimodal forms of ethnography.  

Please return to these pages for more information as the VizE Lab develops. We also invite you to join our mailing list for future news and events.

Pilot Project

Social Life of Data Philadelphia