On this page are answers to frequently asked questions about the Ethnographic Studies Certificate Program requirements and logistics. Information will be added as questions arise. If you have a question for which you cannot find an answer below or on other ETH webpages, please email

FAQs about Courses

Q:  Several courses that I've taken in one particular department are all listed as sample ETH electives.  I know ETH has a requirement that the three elective courses for each student must include at least one course from each of the two electives lists ("methods and ethics" and "cultural contexts).  As long as both lists are covered, will I be able to count all three courses that I've taken from the same department as my three ETH electives?

A:  Three electives from the same department are too many! Students should plan to take their electives from two or more departments.

Q:  I am not majoring in Anthropology and two of the courses that I am using to satisfy departmental course requirements in my major are listed as approved elective(s) for the ethnographic studies certificate. If my department allows me to apply my departmental courses towards fulfillment of a program certificate requirement, may I count these two departmental courses as ethnographic studies elective courses?

A:  One (and no more than one) course taken in fulfillment of a student's departmental requirement may be counted toward the ethnographic studies certificate. You are welcome to apply one of your departmental courses towards completion of ETH certificate requirements.

Q:  Princeton offers opportunity for many interesting certificates!  I am thinking of earning an ethnographic studies certificate along with one or more other certificates, and I've identified several courses that can be applied towards multiple certificates.  Will the ethnographic studies certificate program allow me to "double count" any of these courses? 

A:  Students may "double count" up to two courses toward the ethnographic studies certificate and certificates offered by other Princeton departments or programs (no matter how many other certificates may be involved).

Q:  I've found a course on research ethics that is not shown on List I, but I think that it would be a great course for me to take to satisfy the "methods and ethics" elective requirement.  Can this course be counted?

A:  Absolutely! Students are encouraged to contact the program to find out whether a particular course may be counted as an ETH elective. Please e-mail with the course number and title, course description, semester offered, and a syllabus, if available, and explain briefly why you believe the course belongs on List 1 or List 2..

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